EDAM 5048. Applying the Art and Science of Teaching

3 Credits

This six credit course engages learners in a formal action research project to determine the impact on student learning or specific instructional, curricular, and management strategies used in the classroom. Learners will reflect upon the knowledge acquired throughout the previous courses in the degree program to develop their practicum where they will apply theory and practice directly into their classroom.

Prerequisites: EDAM 5040 Foundations of the Art & Science of Teaching; EDAM 5041 Establishing Learning Goals to Support Learning & Instructional Design; EDAM 5042 Monitoring & Measuring Student Progress; EDAM 5043 Actively Processing New Content; EDAM 5044 Extending Student Learning; EDAM 5045 Designing Instruction for Student Engagement; EDAM 5046 Creating an Effective Classroom Environment; EDAM 5047 Developing Relationships and High Expectations for Student Learning