EDSP 506. Internship in Special Education

Three credits

This course is the culminating activity for the Special Education Certification program. In the course, candidates work with a special education certified teacher and their respective professor/supervisor as they experience opportunities to apply knowledge gained in the previous EDSP courses (EDSP 501, EDSP 502, EDSP 503, EDSP 504, and EDSP 505. The internship requires 100 hours/6 weeks including direct teaching, related meetings, preparation and paperwork as well as designated Wilkes class-time. Examples of activities students will be involved in include (but are not limited to): a needs assessment for special education students, experience with IEPs, construction of an instructional segment, delivery of instruction, parent and staff meetings, conducting classroom based assessments and identification of appropriate instructional materials. Note: The Internship must be taken as the final EDSP course or in conjunction with the final EDSP course.