EDAM 5006. Developing Comprehension, Part II (2-3)

Three credits

The course begins with a review of the core beliefs about teaching and learning, the Guiding Principles, and the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. The learner will review what comprehension is and why it should be studied. This will be followed by modeling of comprehension strategies used individually. The learner will also examine tools to support comprehension instruction strategies. Next, the learner will examine techniques known as interactive read alouds/think alouds and shared reading and see modeling of comprehension strategies used with these techniques. Finally, the course will show how comprehension can be assessed.

Prerequisite: EDAM 5001 Early Literacy: Guiding Principles and Language Development (K-3)

Prerequisite: EDAM 5004 Developing Comprehension Part I (K-3)