EDAM 5008. Differentiated Small Group Instruction (2-3)

Three credits

The course begins with a review of the core beliefs about teaching and learning, the Guiding Principles and the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. The course covers what differentiated small group instruction is, why it is used, and how the Guiding Principles apply to it. This will be followed by considering the developmental stages of learning to read and the teaching emphasis at each stage. The course will then cover how to use assessment data to group and regroup students for differentiated instruction. Then, the learner will consider differentiated systematic and explicit instruction and learn what the lesson components are, how to plan the lesson, and how to manage the classroom.

Finally, the course will cover how to create a partnership with parents and how to communicate with them.

Prerequisite: EDAM 5001 Early Literacy: Guiding Principles and Language Development (K-3)