EDAM 5012. Master Teacher Practicum: Applying Action Research to Develop a Results-driven Early Literacy Classroom

Six credits

This six credit practicum is designed to integrate all course content from the Early Literacy series through the practical application and implementation of a comprehensive literacy program in the classroom. Participants will complete an action research project in their classrooms and document the instruction and interventions which were provided to maximize student proficiency. Participants will be required to maintain a journal, participate in weekly discussions, group meetings, and debriefings with a practicum supervisor. At the end of the practicum learners will submit an evidence portfolio that will document and reflect on each phase of the action research project.

Prerequisite: EDAM 5001, EDAM 5002, EDAM 5003, EDAM 5004, EDAM 5005, EDAM 5006, EDAM 5007,  EDAM 5008, EDAM 5009, EDAM 5010,

EDAM 5011, EDAM 5013