EGM 590. Thesis Continuum

One -Six Credits

Students may elect the six-credit-hour thesis option under the guidance of a Thesis Advisor who chairs the Thesis Committee. The Committee is comprised of three members; at least two members (including the Advisor) must be Wilkes faculty members. When the thesis is complete and has been defended with Committee approval in an open forum, bound copies of the approved thesis will be filed in the department office and in Farley Library for record. A continuum grade will be awarded each semester the student is enrolled in Continuum. A completion grade will be awarded by converting one credit-hour of EGM 590 Graduate Thesis Continuum to one credit-hour of EGM 591 Graduate Thesis Completion. EGM 590 credit does not apply toward meeting degree completion until a grade for EGM 591 is recorded. Only five hours of credit for EGM 590 may apply toward Engineering Management degree requirements (although the student may enroll in a total of more than five hours of continuum if thesis completion extends to additional semesters).